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По умолчанию Tune Issues?


I feel as if my car isn’t being tuned right. It threw a misfire code randomly when I just parked it. Next day took it in to get a compression test to make sure nothing is actually broken. They checked everything and car came back good. The actual ford employee there Carmen over and talked to me and said it was a tune issue. I talked to my tuner about it and he told me to do a neutral misfire profile correction. Called 3 dealerships and they had no idea what I was talking about. I came back that night and installed a new tune I got from him. Started it up and the “misfire” that was actually never there before was now there. Sounded like it was dying. Turned it off then turned it on a few minutes later and it was good. I then asked my tuner for a burble tune. He sent me the new files and installed the tune. Once again everytine I install the tune it sounds like it’s misfiring but after another start it’s fine. But guess what burbles didn’t work at all (car was at operating temp). I’m not saying the tuner is a bad but I feel like he’s been slacking on my car recently and I paid for lifetime tuning. I’m thinking of getting a dyno tune and solving all of this. And for the misfire it was in all 4 cylinders, after a ecu reset from dealership and 100 miles later car didn’t throw the code ever again. Help and advice?

Please help.

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