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По умолчанию Два "Скайлайна" от Signal Auto

Смотрю, у нас появились любители Скаликов на форуме? Специально для вас - парочка коняшек от японской конюшни Signal Auto. Как водится, на английском, для желающих возможен перевод на албанский...

Signal Auto's R34 and V35

Some say the tuner scene isn’t just a sport, but a way of life. Why do enthusiasts put their blood, sweat and hard earned cash into their much-loved vehicles? Could it be for recognition of who the best is? Or maybe they do it for the pimp status? Whatever their reasons may be, their love for the hobby is evident. Regardless of the cost, they receive in return as much as they invest in their car.

Slapping down 600 greens for a Louis Vuitton bag for the misses does put a dent in my pocket, but I do it because I know I get much more in return. How about dropping over $140,000 on your significant other?

For Signal Auto, that amount is chump change. A company as monstrous as Signal competes to be the best and does whatever it takes to stay there. Money holds no significance. The only thing that holds value is time and status. That is why Signal decided to purchase these two beasts from Nissan. Yes I said Nissan, not Nissan and Infiniti.

What you’re feasting your eyes on is two real Nissan Skylines, purchased by none other than Kousuke Kida, also known as “MAD.” Kida is the president and owner of Signal Auto, which was founded in 1979 in Osaka, Japan. He knew full well that by bringing these two beasts to the United States, Signal would have a greater chance to compete at events and show Americans what their company is all about.

The R34 GT-R V-Spec N1 was the first application to be used as an example to “show Signal’s abilities to tune an already impressive vehicle to its utmost ability.” Having an enormous expense budget allowed Signal to produce this monster in only four months after the original purchase date. This muscular badass already places first in its class off the lot and gave a great opportunity for Signal to show they have the wherewithal to build an even better version of the GT-R.

The RB26DETT engine was pulled from the shell and underwent extensive upgrades. GReddy supplied Signal with all the enhanced internals, including 272 intake and exhaust camshafts, valve springs, connecting rods, spark plugs and pistons. Basic bolt-ons comprise of a custom Signal air intake and Tanabe Concept G-Blue exhaust system. An HKS turbo manifold linked to a HKS T04R turbocharger was bolted onto the block for an immense increase in power. Catering to the powerplant upgrade is a GReddy intercooler, Sard 1000cc injectors, HKS wastegate and F-Con V-Pro engine managemen system, Tomei cam gears, Koyo radiator and Blitz SBC boost controller. The valve cover was chromed to put a little bling under the hood. Putting the power to the wheels is a Hollinger sequential transmission complimented by a Cusco RS LSD and Exedy Carbon Triple Plate clutch.

Tanabe Sustec Pro RR dampers drop the GT-R’s ride height and provide the ultimate dampening when performing on drift courses. Tanabe front and rear strut bars and sway bars help stiffen the all-wheel drive drift machine, while an interior roll cage ensures that all safety requirements are met.

The body of the GT-R has been enhanced with the very belligerent Rando body kit, Signal Auto GT wing and headlight modification. The exterior and interior is met with the same Maziora Andromeda vibrant paint.

A set of black SSR Type-C wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich G-Force KD rubber surround the car at all four corners. Waiting patiently behind the new shoes are a set of Alcon brakes, which consist of 6-pot calipers in the front and 4-pot calipers in the rear. Tucked under the calipers are Alcon brake lines and Endless Race brake pads.

Inside the cockpit is a Bride Zeta II racing seat for the driver, Signal shift knob and gauges, Rays steering wheel and carbon fiber panels. Everything else was stripped and tossed.

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По умолчанию

The other Skyline is a 2003 Nissan Skyline V35. The V35 was selected to match Signal Auto’s Nissan 350Z drift car. With the twin Silvia S13 drift machines in mind, Signal wanted to build another twin setup with a special twist.

The V35 itself is very unique; not only is the right hand drive equivalent of the G35 über rare in the U.S., but this Skyline is packing a 2.2-liter SR20DET motor with an R33 GT-S transmission.

The SR20DET powerplant had been specially designed by Toda. Where else have you heard of a 2.2-liter SR20? This badboy has been beefed up another 0.2-liter with a few of Toda’s improvements. The factory camshafts, connecting rods, pistons, cam gears and valve springs were all replaced with Toda components. The factory turbo kit was trashed for a GReddy TD-06 turbocharger bolted onto an HKS turbo manifold. The rest of the turbo kit is accompanied by several brand name trinkets.

Identical to the R34 this V35 features the signature custom Signal intake and Tanabe Concept G-Blue exhaust system, as well as a chrome valve cover. A Trust wastegate, V-mount intercooler and radiator and Sard 600cc injectors round off the additional components. Fuel is managed by a HKS F-Con V-Pro computer and the boost pressure is controlled by a GReddy Profec B boost controller.

Signal customized a front bumper and sprayed the entire car Maziora Ekishow Orange. But it didn’t stop there. Signal deliberately flew the staff from Kal Koncepts to Japan to finish the sick graphics that were air brushed onto the car during the painting session.

Tanabe and Endless own this V35’s footwork. Tanabe Sustec Pro 7 coilovers enhance the V35s drifting experience, while the rest of the suspension is strengthened with Tanabe’s titanium strut tower bar and front and rear sway bars. An Endless big brake kit is utilized to guarantee solid stopping power. With the height dropped, a set of beefy SSR Professor SP-1s captivates the rest of the exterior. The SSRs were selected in a mirror face finish to enhance the external features.

While mashing on the streets of Osaka, the driver and passenger are secured in a set of custom Signal bucket seats. A Max Racing F-Con Special Display gauge, Signal shift knob, Nardi Classic steering wheel and two Alpine headunits were the only accessories left after the rest of the interior was revealed and painted orange.

Six months and $140,000 later, Signal has produced two pavement hitters that represent the strength and poise of this well-built company. With time, money and effort well spent, Signal Auto has deserved top honors from the industry’s top tuners. By building fiends like these to represent the company, I have a feeling we will be seeing them for decades to come.

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я знаю точно наперед сегодня кто нибудь умрет я знаю где я знаю как я не гадалка я маньяк !:dirol: (Шекспир)
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